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Impatiens pallida Yellow jewelweed
Balsaminaceae (Touch-me-not Family)

Other Names: Pale touch-me-not, Waterweed

Description: Smooth annual 3-5ft, leaves toothed, lower ones opposite, upper ones alternate. Flowers are yellow with spur. Stalk is semi-translucent. Back of leaves turn silver when under water.

Where Found: Wet, shady, limey soils. From n. FL to GA mtns., AK to KS.

Status: Native

Medicinal Part: Leaves, Stem mucilage

Preparation: Poultice leaves, Stem mucilage harvested before flowering, Leaf tea, Leaf tea ice cubes

Uses: Poultice of leaves applied to recent poison ivy rash breakout and other skin ailments (i.e. bug bites, other rashes). Mucilagenous stem juice when harvested before flowering is also applied to rashes. Some people drink tea as a poison ivy preventative measure; others freeze tea and rub the ice cubes on rash.

Constituents and Effects: Lawsone: antihistamine and anti-inflammitory