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Yolande Gottfried and George Ramseur have completed their Shakerag Hollow trail guide, a preliminary version of which was published jointly with Mary Priestley’s Sewanee Spring Wildflowers in 2003. Concentrating on the flora of Shakerag, the guide also includes information on geology, wildlife, and other aspects of this unique and beautiful trail.

The book, illustrated with drawings of several of the plants, is meant for armchair botanizing, as well as use on the trail. The authors have divided the 3km (approximately 2 miles) trail into logical sections, each of which is described during all four seasons of the year. The locations of the most notable wildflowers and trees are given within the body of the guide. A checklist of plants is also included.

Copies of the Trail Guide may be obtained from Yolande Gottfried, 735 University Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383 or The cost is $5.00 (plus shipping if required).