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Winter 2015

Valentineís Day Mountathon -- Sewanee Herbarium, Spencer Hall
Sat., Feb. 14th, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., Mary Priestley

Happy Valentineís! Come spend the morning mounting pressed plants and take home a simple handmade card for your sweetie, as well as a guide to mounting pressed plants. Pressed plants are always useful and often quite beautiful. The methods that we use have been passed down through generations. Meet in the herbarium on the first floor of Spencer Hall. The main entrance is across from DuPont Library and there is parking behind the library.

Hunt for the First Hepatica
Sat., Sat., Feb. 21st, 1:30 p.m., Yolande Gottfried

A walk to see what might be out early in Shakerag -- maybe some hepatica, pepper-and-salt, or star chickweed. If flowers are scarce on the ground, weíll look at mosses, liverworts, lichens, club mosses, and even some ferns, which are not fazed by winter weather. Meet at the trailhead parking area near the University gates. It will be an in and out hike, about two hours depending on weather and hikers, with some steep inclines which may be icy or muddy and definitely will be rocky.

Early Spring Wildflowers
Shakerag Hollow, Sun., Mar 29th, 1:00 p.m., Jon Evans

Only a week until Easter and itís time to head to Shakerag Hollow. If you donít get out early you might miss the beginning of the big show -- bloodroot, trout lily, Dutchmanís breeches, and spring beauties bloom early and fade fast. The walk will also include an introduction to winter botany as the woody plants will still mostly be bare of leaf. Meet at Green's View for this moderate-to-strenuous 2-mile walk that may include a steep rocky section of the trail.

Nature Journaling
A nature journaling group, sponsored by the herbarium, meets Thursday mornings, 9-11 in the herbarium. An informal gathering, participants share observations and writing, and sketch plants or other natural objects. Everyone is welcome.

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All times are CDT. Wear appropriate shoes on all of these walks. Risks involved in hiking include physical exertion, rough terrain, forces of nature, and other hazards not present in everyday life. Picking flowers and digging plants are prohibited in all of the above-mentioned natural areas. For more information on these events contact Yolande Gottfried at the Herbarium (931.598.3346) during regular business hours or by e-mail at Directions are available on the Herbarium website,, under the calendar of events.