Mobile Maps
- September 18, 2014
The LAL updated the geopdf maps for the Sewanee community to use on mobile devises in summer and fall, 2016. Check out the link at the upper right corner of each of the Landscape Analysis Lab's pages.

Spring 2014 Class Projects feature Story Maps
- May 22, 2014
The class projects at the culmination of spring 2014 semester in Fundamentals of GIS (Environmental Studies 217) and Advanced GIS (Env. St. 317) featured online interactive story maps and were presented at Scholarship Sewanee. Story maps present information or a tour that combine geographic information with media such as text, photographs and hyperlinks to provide an interactive tour. Click through to find links to the presented story maps.

Summer 2013 Projects
- August 22, 2013
The Landscape Analysis Lab spent summer 2013 updating. We updated the server, updated buildings, roads, and trails datasets, and updated the Sewanee Forest History Project (SFHP). In addition, we are experimenting with webmaps and online GIS.

Summer 2012 Update
- September 4, 2012
The LAL was busy during summer 2012, with project mapping plant species, quantifying deer browse, projecting the future of the SUD, and the creation of a deer documentary.

Chris Van de Ven Starts as New Lab Manager
- March 14, 2011
At the start of 2011, Chris Van de Ven started work as the new manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab.

Update on Sewanee Forest History Project
- September 15, 2010
Analysis has begun on data from the last 70 years of foresty activity on the Domain.

Daniel Carter and Nick Hollingshead present at the TN AWRA symposium
- April 16, 2010
Daniel, Nick, and a team of undergraduate research students are studying the relationship between rural development and water quality. They presented the findings of their ongoing research at a research symposium in Burns, TN.

G-Squared acquires high resolution imagery for State Parks
- April 27, 2009
The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is expected to arrive on the Cumberland Plateau in the next two years. To help the State Parks prepare for its arrival, the Landscape Analysis Lab will use remote sensing technology to map the distribution of hemlocks in the parks.

LAL receives contract to study nonpoint source pollution
- January 15, 2009
The LAL will be working with the Southeast Tennessee Development District to document potential nonpoint sources of E. coli in the Sequatchie River watershed through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Landscape Analysis Lab moves to new larger facility
- October 15, 2008
In August 2008, the Landscape Analysis Lab moved to the Spencer Hall, the new state-of-the-art 49,000 square foot facility devoted to research and instruction in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and environmental science.