Spring 2014 Class Projects feature Story Maps

The Fundamentals of GIS (ENST217) and Advanced GIS (ENST317) classes explored the capabilities and potential of interactive, online “story maps”. Story maps are interactive maps accessible anywhere via the web that use geography to organize and present information. They are commonly used to tell the story of a place, describe the geography of an event, or provide an interactive tour. Commonly non-geographic media such as text, photographs, videos, or audio along with hyperlinks to other websites or documents, are combined with geographic data to make the story map a more immersive experience than geographic data alone. By allowing map features to be clicked on for more information and allowing the map viewer to zoom in, out, and pan, as well as share all or parts of the map with others, the viewer can explore the data in their own way. For more information see What is a Story Map by Esri. The story maps and posters below were presented at Scholarship Sewanee in spring 2014.