Mobile Maps

Plateau hiking map

The Landscape Analysis Lab has begun publishing geo-enabled pdfs for the Sewanee community to use on mobile devices. Maps will be added as they are completed, but will include recreation maps, Domain management maps for the general public, and information maps for guests. They can be used on smart phones and other mobile devices with the use of a 3rd party app, such as the free PDF Maps app from Avenza. Simply install the app, add the webmap by either downloading the map from the website and uploading it to your phone, or by typing in the URL shown next to the map. Then turn on your location and watch your progress around the Domain. You can add pins to places you want to return to, record your track, plot photos, measure distances or areas, and the Avenza PDF Maps app allows you to view your location in Google Maps as well.

If you're not a smart phone person, since they are PDFs, you can download and print out the maps to carry an old-fashioned paper map around the Domain.

To check them out, click on the map in the upper right, or click here