Mobile Maps from the LAL

The Landscape Analysis Lab regularly updates the geo-enabled pdfs on the Mobile Maps page for use by the Sewanee community. You are welcome to download these maps for use while on the Domain.
The thumbnail maps below can be clicked on for links for page-sized geopdf maps. These were created by the Landscape Analysis Lab for use on the Domain.

For rules and regulations regarding recreation on the Domain, refer to the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (OESS) here:

Hiking on the Plateau (Perimeter Trail, Shakerag, along Breakfield, Lk. O'Donnell)
Please review the full trail use rules here

Plateau hiking map
Hiking in and near Lost Cove (Lost Cove, Caldwell Rim, Lake Dimmick)
Please review the full trail use rules here

Lost Cove hiking map
Domain Horseback Riding Trails
Please review the rules of horseback riding on the Domain here.

Equestrian Trails
Please review the regulations for camping here.

Campsite Map
Mountain Biking Trails
For more information about mountain biking on the Domain click here.

Mountain Biking Map
Archery-Only Deer Pre-Cull
For more information about hunting on the Domain click here.

Pre-Cull Zone Map